We are an authorized dealer for Freys Hatchery.  

Freys offers a variety of day old and ready to lay chickens, meat birds, turkeys, ducks and pheasants.

Please contact us if you are interested in ordering poultry for the latest prices and availability.


Spectrum Egg Maker Pellet - 25kg 

Layer Mash25kg 

Chicken Broiler/ Grower Pellets & Crumble - 25kg

Chick Starter Crumble - 25kg 

Scratch  - 25kg

Organic Layer, Starter and broiler/ grower -25kg

Coastal Oyster Shell 

Whole Corn - 25kg

Cracked Corn - 25kg

Duck & Other Fowl

Duck/ Multi Fowl Pelleted - 25kg

Purina Duck Growena

Game Bird Layena

Game Bird Starter


Turkey Starter - 25kg 

Turkey Grower Pelleted - 25kg 

Wild Bird

Sheehan's Wild Bird Seed - 18kg 

Black Oil Sunflower Seed 

Supplements / Poultry Care

Chick'N Electrolyte

Vet RX

Diatomaceous earth

-Please contact us if your product is not listed , this is just a sampling of the many items we carry -