Cat and Dog

Great Canadian Dog Food - Lamb and Rice

Lamb & Rice dog food is beneficial to dogs who suffer from allergies.  The lamb in this product is sourced from New Zealand. This product should be fed to dogs in moderate exercise regimes.  Lamb is the first ingredient listed and this is especially evident when dogs try this for the first time as they love the taste.

Great Canadian Dog Food - Premium 

Premium Canine dog food is designed for dogs in moderate exercise regimes.  We consider this product to be beneficial for pregnant and lactating females.  It also provides perfectly balanced nutrition for puppies.  

Country Maintenance Dog Food 

Country Maintenance dog food is a maintenance level product.  It uses similar high quality ingredients found in more expensive products but at a more economical price.  Intake and stool production may be slightly higher than some other significantly expensive product.


Country Maintenance Cat Food 

Country Cat is a chicken based cat food designed for a regular adult cat.   Made with high quality proteins, your cat is sure to digest the food with ease.



Golden Horseshoe Fish Oil - 1L

GOLDEN HORSESHOE FISH OIL A source of vitamins A and D. Helps to keep coat and hooves healthy. Feed 1 oz daily with feed. 100% Herring Oil 30% Omega 3 (18% EPA & 12% DHA) Guaranteed Analysis: % moisture (max): 1.0% % Crude Fat (min):7.0% % Free Fatty Acids (max) 3.0% Vitamin A (min): 200 iu / g 200,000 iu / kg Vitamin D (min): 25 iu / g 25,000 iu / kg #0891 -1L #0889 -4L #0890 -20L